Here are a few photos I've taken recently of Matt playing around at home with an umbrella... he was so fascinated by it all of a sudden! I lay down on the floor to try and get a better lighting on his face, and he tried imitating me for a couple of those shots and the pictures turned out pretty nice.... :)

These next few are from a while ago, when Matt's grandfather bought a few sparklers and stuff for Matt, so Timmy and I decided to go to our terrace and light them. Matt was a bit scared of them, but he had fun still. Looking around to the other terraces that Diwali night, I noticed the Indian flag colours spewed out from some 'fountain' firecrabkers from a neighbour's roof, and I thought, how apt it was to have those colours on a Diwali night. The picture turned out pretty dark, but you can see what I mean. Hope you enjoy these ones :)

yay! Business cards!

Yay! My new business cards are ready! Thanks to Billy Yesudian for the design! Check out his website:
The printing was done by Go Media.

I had displayed the cards at an exhibition of my friend's daughter's school where I took some photos of kids behind an indian prince and princess cutout...

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