Obed & Shalomie : Engagement

I had so much fun taking pictures of my brother, Obed and his lovely fiance Shalomie. I am so happy for them - and its pretty amazing the way God brought them together - I was and am so surprised to see how well they fit together - even though they've only known each other for a little while. I know God puts two people together, but I am amazed every time I see how well suited people are for each other!

Larry & Roshin : Engagement


 I always love a good story - especially a good love story :) I also love my job because I am getting to know so many new people! Larry and Roshin are such a lovely couple. We had a great early morning shoot :) Thankfully the sun was just rising and it wasn't too hot yet.

Larry came all the way across the world, from America to India, wanting to become a priest in the Mar Thoma church. Little did he know that he would marry the daughter of his mentor! Larry and Roshin were very sweet throughout the whole shoot - even though it was getting so hot by the end of it! I could also tell that they were the kind of people that would give their very best to everything they do, as they tirelessly posed for some of the shots until we got it right :)

So to begin with, we started with the formal wear - and they were such good sports, even when Roshin's heels were sinking in the sand and the water threatened to ruin their clothes!

Aparna : Personal Portrait

I had the honour of writing an article for the Women of Worth Organisation, who is running the Dark is Beautiful Campaign. This month, we focused our 'photo story' on Aparna Nagesh.

Aparna Nagesh is the founder of Showstoppers INC - an arts promotion and event concept brand and the founder of High-Kicks - Chennai’s first and only all-girls performance crew. She has now been in the dance and entertainment industry for over 14 years and she loves it to the core. However, Aparna knows that it is not easy to hold your own when performing in a field where what you look like determines how far you will succeed – especially when you are not fair, tall, slim and therefore not ‘beautiful’.  

In case you haven't read it already, do read the rest of the article and let me know what you think. I don't want to repeat myself here, but I do want to feature some of the photos from that shoot, so the purpose of this blog post will be for showcasing the photos of Aparna Nagesh.

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