Wedding: Sarah & Aakash

Its about time to start posting on my blog again! I have a few pending projects that I need to blog about, so I will be posting here more regularly from now on :)

So, I met with Sarah and Aakash one fine day in Barista, after they decided they wanted me to photograph their wedding, and it was lovely to meet with them and get to know them a little bit better.  I was excited to photograph the wedding of this fun-loving and down-to-earth couple. Their wedding was to be a traditional Marthoma Wedding. Here are a few of their wedding photos below.

Charles Finney was my second photographer - and I am so grateful that he was there. (Especially when a certain incident happened - involving an expensive lens that fell from my backpack to the floor!) Yes - you heard that right! Anyways, thankfully, all went smoothly from then on, but Charles was able to get photos of Aakash getting ready for the wedding and take some extra pictures of the whole event.


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