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In December, a few friends from church went to a place nearby called Aruwe. ARUWE is a Public Charitable Trust run by a group of committed social work professionals who are concerned about the welfare of the elderly destitute and deprived children, and we wanted to go over there and do a small Christmas program for them, so I was asked to come along and take some pictures which they could also use for their publicity material. I did post about it earlier as one of the Christmas In Chennai' posts.

In this post I've converted the pictures of the elderly widows into black and white and I just loved the effect! 

The ladies that gave me permission to take their pictures were so happy to have their pictures taken, and were excited to see their faces on the LCD screen.  

We had actually planned a program for the kids who were also a part of ARUWE, but the elderly ladies sat in the back and they seemed to enjoy the program just as much as the children!  

I love how happy and content they all seemed to be - God only knows how much suffering they may have had to go through in their lives.

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