The Shimrays

I thought I'd put up some pictures from a recent photo shoot that I had with the Shimray family, and specifically of their 3 month old baby, Benaiah. Hope you enjoy these!

Benaiah had just learnt to respond to the people around him and it was so exciting to see how he was starting to interact and laugh at his brother's antics or at smile at his mom and dad! The cute little hat belonged to the Shimray family - and its always nice to use some props that belong to the family, as this could have (maybe) some meaning for them when the kids grow up... 

Their older boy, Josi, is such a little poser, and the whole family was a joy to photograph. Kids with parents from different ethnic backgrounds are so cute! And no - I'm not just saying that because I'm a third culture kid myself! 

I hope you enjoy the pictures. :) Let me know if you'd like a family portrait... I will be offering some special 'Christmas themed' packages at the end of this month, so keep checking my blog for updates...


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