So after focussing on a couple of ladies, this past week I thought it was maybe time to put up some pictures of a guy :)

This post is about a friend called Joel. These photos were taken for Joel's cd cover and inserts - you can see his album cover here.

I would like to mention a few things about Joel that challenge me. Joel puts his heart and soul into everything he does. I had the privilege of being able to sing for two of his concerts, and I was so amazed at how he was able to get his dream idea of a concert into reality. I remember him talking about how he wanted his concert to be a certain way, and he had very specific ideas about certain things. To be honest, I didn't take him seriously, but I was so impressed at how the concert was exactly how he had planned it to be - as much as I knew about it, anyway.

I learnt a lot from Joel about how to aim for excellence in everything that you do. It makes me question my own life. What am I doing with my life? Am I being all that I can be? Am I putting my heart into my passions? Am I working hard enough?

This next picture was actually my favourite one out of all the other (hundreds of) photos :) -

You can read more about Joel here, and if you like Tamil music, go and check out his album, ELLAAMAE by Joel Thomas Raj.


Clyde Netto (Joel's friend) at: March 21, 2012 at 11:41 AM said...

Joel loves posing.. Don't you Joel? ;-). But awesome pics Zippora. I've spent 2 years trying to master my DSLR but am nowhere close. But each shot, each light setting is a new game. Awesome pictures. Good luck and God Bless

Zippora Madhukar at: March 21, 2012 at 1:25 PM said...

Thanks Clyde :) Yeah I still have a lot to learn but am enjoying each step of the journey :)

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