The stories of our lives

I was thinking yesterday about how all our lives are made up of stories. Sad stories, fun stories, embarrassing stories and happy stories. We all have them... and those stories are what makes us who we are. I can think of so many hundreds, or maybe even thousands of stories that make up my life. And I think photographers have also started this trend of shooting in 'bursts'. What that means is, you take a series of photos continuously to catch a short story rather than a moment.

For example:

You can see here that a whole bunch of emotions are caught on camera. And yes, I also love to see how a photographer captures raw emotion in a single frame, but I think its also really fun to be able to catch a series like this.

Here's another one:

These are pictures of my husband and my son and you can see that Matt is ready to go running through the water sprinklers again at the end of the series :)

So, again - life is about stories, yes. We all have those little stories which make our lives.

A story of  enjoying life to the fullest as a child with three other siblings, always getting into mischief, fighting constantly but loving fiercely, of times when we used to turn one of our bedrooms into a 'restaurant' complete with menus and music - and food of course, for our parents to enjoy.

A story of sharing a flimsy tent with some school friends in the jungle, knowing that there were a family of tigers nearby AND a wild elephant, yet the only alarm system near you were tin sheets left lying around for the elephant to step on and wake you up! . 

A story of living in a place far away from home, but having such good friends they became your adopted family - of being able to drive somewhere almost every weekend and cram memories into every moment for you to remember years later.

A story of finding your soul mate - of being so comfortable and yourself, of knowing that you get to live with that person every day for the rest of your life and not being freaked out about it!

A story of holding your child for the first time. Of feeling his warm, small body, alive and screaming! Of feeling your heart being tugged on everyday at some moment or the other, of being so full of love sometimes you literally forget to breathe.

This is life .... all the little stories that make up a whole. I know I've only painted the rosy pictures of my life today, but I'm in a good mood today and feeling very nostalgic :)  


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