Zara : Baby Portrait

It looks like my recent posts have been about couples, so here is a post to break the trend :) Here you will see some pictures from a recent baby shoot of little Zara. You will in fact, be seeing more pictures of her - I also did Zara's three month photo shoot - this is her 7 month shoot - and you will probably more photos until she turns 1 :)

Zara is such a cutie pie. When I went to meet her for the first time, at her 3 month shoot, Zara didn't trust my camera too much - she observed the camera curiously, but didn't feel comfortable enough to smile at this black, noisy machine that was intruding her peaceful life! This time, however, at Zara's 7 month photo shoot, she was much more relaxed and was a treat to photograph. She allowed us to change her so many times without too much of a fuss.Zara had a little nap and a bite to eat in-between the shots, so she was quite content for most of the shoot.

I look forward to photographing her and watching her grow and develop. She is a fun baby, and has lovely parents! We had a good time at this shoot together - I must also say thanks to Zara's grandma for helping to bring a smile on Zara's face for the photos :)

I had a bit of fun with the last set of images, and added some graphics to the background - what do you guys think? Do you like it?
Isn't she a cutie? I also love the photo of her and Eeyore- where they both look like they have the same expression!Also her frilly, frothy little dress :) I hope I didn't go overboard with the pink - I don't have a little girl of my own, and she had so many lovely 'girly' things... :)


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